So are you happy?

So, let’s ask you and myself: are you happy? Are you always happy? Are you happy today?
I’m not talking about richness, or having a lot of friends, or having a big family… just, ‘Are you happy?’
For everybody, happiness maybe means different things and wishes, but it’s really not that difficult to answer, ‘are you happy?’

What we want for life, if one day we could have what we want now, will we really be happy? Why we laugh less when we grow up? Where goes our child heart? Where goes our nature love for our parents, and for the world? What happen to us?


戒貪 Guard against greed - 4&5

4. 五色令人目盲;五音令人耳聾;五味令人口爽;馳騁田獵,令人心發狂;難得之貨,令人行妨。
(卷三十四 老子)

4. Craving for visual splendor can distort our vision and impede our ability to see the truth about things. Basking in musical amusement can numb our hearing and impede our ability to appreciate the finer meanings in music. Excessive indulgence in fine cuisine can dull our taste buds and impede our ability to appreciate the food. Wallowing in the thrill of game hunting can make us reckless and lose our sanity. Being desirous of rare and precious objects can cause our greediness to grow and drive us to behave wickedly.
(Scroll 34: Lao Zi)

5. 訓有之,內作色荒,外作禽荒。甘酒嗜音,峻宇雕牆。有一于此,未或弗亡。(卷二 尚書)

5. King Yu of antiquity said: If a ruler is obsessed with womanizing and hunting, drinking fine wine, singing and dancing, living in lofty mansions with intricate wall paintings and carvings; any one of these will surely bring forth the ruin of his country.
(Scroll 2: Shang Shu)


戒貪 Guard against greed - 3

3. Duke Yi of the state of Rong was known for monopolizing wealth and profits for himself and for being oblivious to its adverse effects on the society. One should know that wealth and profits are the very sources of survival for hundreds of materials nurtured between heaven and earth. To monopolize them will give rise to an unbalanced situation thereby causing much harm. How can one monopolize the resources when they are needed by so many? To do so will arouse anger from the public. If we teach our lord to monopolize resources instead of urging him to take precaution against major disasters, can his reign last long?
(Scroll 11: Shi Ji, Vol. 1)

3. 夫榮公好專利而不知大難。夫利,百物之所生也,天地之所載也,而有專之,其害多矣。天地百物皆将取焉,何可专也?所怒甚多,而不备大难,以是教王,王其能久乎?(卷十一 史記上)


戒貪 Guard against greed 2

In general, anything that develops too fast will fall apart just
as quickly, whereas a slow and steady development is more
assured of yielding favorable results. Plants that unravel
into full bloom in early morning may wither and fall by
the evening, but the slow-growing pine trees will not
wither even in the extreme winter cold. Hence, a superior
person4 does not hasten to achieve results.(Scroll 26: Wei Zhi, Vol. 2)

(卷二十六 魏志下)


修身-Character Building 戒貪-Guard against greed

“Almost a thousand years have passed since the heyday of
King Cheng and King Kang, and many rulers having tried
to attain the same glory. But this golden era of peace and
prosperity never returned. Why has this been so? It is
because rulers have forsaken the law and moral standards,
and have instead pursued selfish desires, spoiling
themselves with extravagance, and totally neglecting the
practice of benevolence and righteousness.”
(Scroll 19: Han Shu, Vol. 7)
仁義廢也。(卷十九 漢書七 )



Since I was little, I always ask myself one question: why we came into this world? I could not find the right answer, most of time, people laugh on me.
Between 80’s and 90’s, the economy in China grow very fast, people become addict of money. More and more books, all kind of trainings, formations, even schools or universities are telling people, to learn about competition, to learn how to make money, to learn from successful people, but mostly from new “rich” people. That makes us, want American education, and European lifestyle, but forgot all our own Chinese culture, our 5000 years Chinese wise knowledge.
After study abroad, working and living abroad for few years, I also became some kind of “successful” person as a lot of people wanted, but suddenly I wake up! That’s not what I wanted for my life, that’s not what I’m looking for…
Throw all away, then start over one time more, what I can find later?
Today, I find one video, could answer all my question before, now I would like share with all people could see it, and understand it, I hope all of you could find your answer…